Our mission at District Institution of Education and Training is to bring about the some changes in conventional method of teaching and to push the new methodology in Trainee teachers. In collaboration with SCERT and other state level apex bodies we try to agglutinate holistic approach in their teaching methodology. We have a strong believe on pupil centric learning hence keeping in mind of RTE 2009 ACT we have designed our teaching methodology to make them conversant with a learning process which calls for all round development of a child. Here we try to provide quality training with new approach which serves the modern need to root out the problems at Grassroots level. We works with various projects and also involve the Trainee in the project, as involvement in educational research and works helps to amplify their capability in ameliorating the condition of child learning. We provide training to develop all indispensable qualities to make capable of handling all students from God gifted child to CWSN in all adverse circumstances.


Our vision is to make education an interesting and comprehensible to every child at an ease. Every child should have their basic education which considers the basement of the higher education, fundamentally strong and sturdy. We can visualize our Bengal where knowledge is assimilated not copied. Therefore our continuous strive is going on to sweep out hackneyed learning process of memorizing. We try to build an educator proficient in his field and capable of handling all sort of inaccessible matter of education at an ease. Together we can make education affordable comprehensible and enjoyable one.