The concept of DIET outcome of NPE 1986 and POA ( Programme of Action) 1992 confronts a district level educational institution to support academic function and teacher empowerment throughout the district. DIET Malda is considered the nodal institution for improving the basic quality in Elementary Education. Elementary education is the base of a quality education which further facilitates the higher education and also considered the parent layer of educational system profile. Here we have been continuously striving towards the enhancement of the quality in teaching methodology .Here we are focusing towards two dimensions of teacher education-Pre-service training and another In service training of human resources.
Responsibility of our diet grows multifold and not limited to as an institution which only impartsbtraining. We have been working on developing innovative skills in teacher trainee to capable them to find out latent excellence in a child. Our DIET has been serving the district since 2004 and till now we have accomplished so many educational projects in collaboration with SCERT and NCERT for enhancing potentials in a Trainee Teacher.
Our institution always tries to ameliorate Good qualities in Trainee and In-service Teachers to nourish their inner excellences.
Since it’s inception it has been aiming to provide good quality education and support academic resources at grass root level for sustainable development of education and universalisation of elementary education. It covers up 17 educational blocks and …… Circles. As the institution aims for the holistic development of a trainee teacher we have integrated ICT in classroom transaction to impart effective Learning which helps to transmit the same to next level i.e Pupil.
We need to glorify our heritage of institution and let not our deeds to blaspheme our glorious history inside or outside the campus.

-Ajit Saha